Martha Wilson Williams
175 North Shore Rd.
Hampton, NH 03842

I  never like doing these biography things because I can't imagine anyone being  that interested in my life.  However  with a friend like Reenie (Maureen O'Donnell) telling me that I must, here  goes!.

After graduating from Stevens I went to UNH and had a  great time. I graduated in 1965 and  then taught in Gloucester for a year.  I then married Jon Williams (class of 1960) and we moved to Hampton where  I taught while Jon finished at UNH.  By the time he finished and went to work in Boston we (I) loved Hampton ,  and we decided to stay.  I went back  to grad school, got a degree, and then we had a baby in 1972, a boy  (JJ).  I stopped working although I did sub for  a while.

In  the 80's we moved to England two different times, and then I moved home  permanently in 1990.  Jon worked in  several different places, and I got to travel and visit him which was nice. We  have always said that we have managed to stay married to each other for nearly  40 years because we have only lived together for about 20.

Our  son is married with a 31/2 year old son whose name is Tyler.  JJ, Karla, and Tyler live in Colorado,  and I am grateful for computers and digital cameras.

I  still see Reenie and Skippy Patten and am lucky to have such good old  friends.  We went to kindergarten  together, and so I think that we have a pretty good track  record.