Ruthann Scott Pickard
30 Suncook Pond Drive
Allentown, NH  03275

After graduating Stevens I worked as a private secretary for a bank in Massachusetts.

I attended a two year course at McIntosh Business School in Lawrence Mass. After graduating business school, I got married in 1963. For 18 years of marriage I traveled in the military with my husband.

Two of my sons were born in Asmara, Ethiopia. My daughter was born in Baltimore, MD. They are all living on their own and doing well.

I have three grandchildren, ages 10, 17, and 19.

In 1971, I started working in the area of Concord, Derry and Manchester working for lawyers, retail, and nursing. Then I worked for the state in New Hampshire. This included five years for the NH Department of Transportation and fifteen years for the NH Department of Revenue.

In 2003 I retired.

I have been medically housebound since Nov 2003 due to Rheumatoid Arthritis.