Maureen O'Donnell
50 Mendon  Street
Upton, MA 01568

Family/Present Life
Married to:  James Lilley (21 years)
My 86 year-old Dad is still going strong, I'm lucky;  also to have 3 wonderful (younger) siblings.
Still working 3 days/week at:  The Learning Center for Deaf Children in Framingham, MA.
American Sign  Language is my second language, and I use it all day.

Where my life has  gone, so far
After I graduated from Stevens, I went to Emmanuel College in  Boston, where I received a B.A. degree, majoring in Education and Psychology. I  then was lucky enough to get a full scholarship and stipend to attend Columbia  University Graduate School of Education (which is ironic, as I was SO angry at  my parents for moving to NY state during my college years; but NY state gave me  the scholarship!) where I received a Masters Degree in Deaf Education. I wanted  to get back to N.H., so I taught at Crotched Mt. School for the Deaf for 4  years. The principal of the school decided to start an innovative school of his  own in Massachusetts, and I decided to be a pioneer with him; we founded The  Learning Center for Deaf Children in 1970, and I've been there ever since. Oh, I  did take some time off to go to Boston College and get another Masters degree,  this time in social work. So, since 1974, I do therapy and counseling with deaf  children of all ages, and their families.
I like my work, but would like to  get back to N.H.! One of these days....
My biggest accomplishment: 24 years  of sobriety.

Growing up in Claremont was the best! It seemed  like such a "safe" world, and it sure gave me a lot of security. My good friends  are still "kids" I grew up with: Martha Wilson, Squeak, Joan Klem, Vicki,  Bonney, Shirley, Scotty, Skip, John M and many more. I feel the most comfortable  with people that knew me when...
I think we had a great education all the way  through, but especially at Stevens. It's nice to still see some teachers around,  like Paul Jobin and Ray LeBouthillier, Paul Magoon. My hardest class was Physics  with Harry Moore. My favorite class was probably senior English with Norm  Paquette.
The best thing I ever did for myself was take a year of business  typing (and typing papers for others got me through college, financially). My  all time favorite teacher was Bunny Dodge, 4th grade Maple Avenue. Yes, it's  hard to believe it was all 45+ years ago--but it's nice when things come "full  circle" and we reconnect with people and places that were and are important to  us!