Autobiography:        David Paul Nunn

After graduation in 1961 I served three years in the army at various military installations in the USA and Germany.  I was honorably discharged from active duty in 1964. During my assignment in Germany, I met my wonderful wife, and her family. Being very much impressed with the high values set on culture and family traditions, I deceided to build our family foundation in Germany. We live about 60 min. north east of Frankfurt Int. Airport.

To date, we have been married fourty-two years.

Daughter: Kathrine Martha, 42
Daughter: Anne Margarete, 40
Grandson: Christopher David, 9

Female Dog: Amber, 11

Kathrine is currently residing in Syracuse, NY

Because we have a large double-house, we are fortunate that Anne and Chris live with us.

I am now retired after working thirty years for Military Banking Division in Germany.

Our hobbies are: Hiking/Wandering through our beautiful forrests and observing everything attached to nature, bicycling, swimming (own pool),etc.

I would be very pleased to hear from those of you who knew me. However, please write me first. If you have an eMail address enclose it with your letter so that we will be able to eMail each other.

Unfortunately we are not able to come to the 45th reunion. However,we hope that those who do attend will have a good time. We plan to come to the 50th if all goes well.