Martha Lovejoy Thompson
22 Linus Ave.
Brockton, Ma 02301

It's been such a long time - 45 years much has happened and at the same time, nothing changes.

I finally grew up about 1966...lived in Boston, worked, went to school, spent a year going to school in Germany, went to Cape Cod to work in the summer of 1966 where I met my future husband, a pre-med student, who made me laugh and made me feel very good about myself.

We married in 1969, I worked in Boston for an accounting firm.  We had a baby girl (Kristin) in 1971.  Bon graduated from dental school.  We went into the service (they were still drafting then, so he opted for the Navy)  and moved to Great Lakes, Illinois for two years, then moved back to Brockton, MA in 1971.  We had another baby girl (Stacey) in 1974.  I went back to work in advertising (nothing glamorous - for an industrial handling firm, so got to create flyers, ads, and attend trade shows - oh joy!).  Changed to an accounting firm aster five years, like figures much more.  Our girls have grown up, graduated from college and graduate school, married, and Kristin gave us a grandson, Jake on September 2, 2005.  It seems like such a mundane life, but in between getting married and becoming grandparents, we have been active in our church, community activities, school activities, made great friends ( and lost some ), laughed a lot cried some, lost family members, skied, cruised, traveled, and without noticing it, we grew old.  Mundane, maybe, but just right for me.