Jerry M. LaFountain

A few years ago my wife Janet suggested the following bio for a Christmas card:
Janet and Jerry LaFountain: Newlyweds, married 1996. Four shared children, eight shared grandchildren. Janet retired and Jerry just tired. Traveling, Trailering, hiking, kids, and friends.

That about sums it up but if you need to know more, read on.

After graduating from HS in 1961, I joined the Navy, serving a hitch on a destroyer in the Pacific and picking up a useful trade. Upon separation from the Navy, I settled in Oregon near my sister Jeanne and hired on with a phone company. I worked for them for 37 years around Southern Oregon, marrying and raising three children. I am now remarried to my wife Janet. We are both retired and live in Central Point in Southern Oregon.

Janet and I live in a small townhouse that we recently purchased so that we could travel easier. We were in it for just two months last year when we went south for the winter for four months, so when we returned we still had a lot of things to work on. We are nearly where we want to be on our house, with just a few more projects to finish.

We spend time with family who are spread up and down the West Coast as well as nearby. Our four children and 8 grandchildren are all doing fine and we love sharing their activities and accomplishments with them. We have a nice network of friends around the Rogue Valley where we live. We enjoy playing cards, eating out (who doesn't?), hiking, site seeing, and local traveling as well as making some major trips with a fifth wheel every so often.