Charles E. Holt, Jr

Married (1966) to Carol - celebrate our 40th this year - two children (girl and boy)

B.A., Ottawa University:  Ph. D. University of Kentucky

Professor of History, Morehead State University - British and Russian history - early retirement after 27 years in 1995

Fellowships to Columbia University and Korea University (Seoul), Foreign Expert in China, Fulbright Scholar in Brizil, Fellow in UAE and Oman, and frequently taught in Great Britian and Austria.

Vice President for Acedemic Affairs and then President, Mount Senario College (Wisconsin) - retired 2002

Retired in Sun City, AZ in 2002 - worked p-t as a golf pro starter through 2005 - mostly sports now - enjoy slow softball (2 teams), basketball, tennis, and lots of golf (hope to live long enough to shoot my age)

Conclusion:  Education has provided me with a wonderful quality of life.  Stevens High was the essential early step that led to success in higher eduacation.  I have fond memories of Claremont and will always be proud to refer to it as my home.