Mildred M. Fowler
2 Hillside Ter.
Apt #327-C
Claremont, NH  03743
Tel.:  603-543-0132

3 Children
     Lydia...... age 39
     Scott.......age  36 
     Heather....age  31

4 Grandchildren
     Devin......age 17
     Brittny.....age 13 1/2
     Sarra.......age 6 1/2
     Clayton....age 2 1/2

I have worked in Sylvania & Tambrands each 5 yrs and been in retail for 30 yrs.  Now I'm semi - retired and work 21 hrs at the T-Bird Mini Mart on the Charlestown Rd., Claremont.

I enjoy my Grandchildren as they all live  around here.  I'm very lucky.  My kid's have very good jobs and are doing very well.  So I was lucky in that respect that they could still be around me.  I have arthritist very bad, but I'm still plugging along.  Otherwise my health has been very good.

I like to do crossword puzzles and also put puzzles together.  Other than that I enjoy life.

    I do a lot with the Grandchildren and sports.  Basketball, Soccer, Field Hockey, Bowling, T-Ball, you name it.  They have so many Trophies in every sport.  I'm proud of all of them, and I enjoy the sports with them.