Noel F. Fontaine

I moved to California in the Fall of 1961.

I enrolled in  College, focusing on Theatre Arts. I spent 10 years pursuing my Love - The Theatre : Drama, Comedy, a few Musicals, and Children's Theatre. These were the happiest years for me.  I  performed in community theatres, childrens theatres, and college productions. I chased the acting bug by attending every production tryout listed, for years. One is always in a production, in several phases of other productions, while trying out for the next job or two. I slowly gravitated to behind the camera, pursuing photography interests and traveling extensively.

I was employed in the airline industry in 1964, and also was a ski team member, keeping that love alive by traveling and competing internationally, thus forcing myself to maintain my physical fitness.  Several surgeries on my knees awakened me to reduce my schedule to just pleasure skiing. I produced a few small "ski-films" as they were popular in that day.

I career changed- retired in 2001, and returned to my two passions : Video Production, and
Wellness Coaching :  We Educate the general public and Health Care Professionals on the latest discoveries in Nutritional Research - including discoveries that have resulted in 4 Nobel Prizes awarded in this field.  We promote the length and quality of life, thru a proactive role.

Video Production: Live stage productions, small tv commercials, weddings, documentaries, etc. I wish I were 25 years young in 2001- starting over with this renewed passion. I also scheduled time to raise two sons. 

Otherwise I've had a quite time.