Theresa DeVoyd Kotomski
3381Waterlute Way
Lakeland, FL 33811

After graduation I worked at Joy Mfg.Co as a data entry clerk. In '64 I married Frank Kotomski, class of '57..  We then went on to raise 3 children. My husband was in sales and we were transferred around N.E. almost yearly. Finally in 1980 we bought our 3rd home, settled down in Hampden, MA and managed to spend the next 24 years on our mini-farm raising not only the kids but animals as well.  Because we had over 12 acres of land we were also able to take in abused and abandoned dogs and cats. My husband quite frequently said that at the end of our road was a sign that said "suckers live here, come on in"...guess he was right!  I have to admit that these years were terrific and I really enjoyed our life. I did go back to work in '82 first part-time at a bank for 6 years then at the admissions office of a law school.  In '87 I took a full-time job as a Customer Financial Service Rep., worked for 13 years, and decided to take early retirement in 2001.  My husband retired in 2003 and that's when we decided that we no longer enjoyed the snow, ice and cold.  Since we had spent many vacations in Florida, we decided to look for a home.  We found a community here in Lakeland (40 miles west of Orlando and 40 miles east of Tampa), had a home and pool build, sold our home in MA, and moved in 5 days before the last hurricane of 2004. Luckily, we sustained only minimal damage and the builder took care of everything.

Now about our children: Allen was born in '65 and after graduating from college, entered the Navy for 6 years and truly got to see the world.  He was in the 1st Gulf War but was not in harms way because he was on a battle ship.  When he returned home after spending 3 years in Japan he went back to college and got his Masters Degree.  Allen is still single, lives in Oxford, MA and works for a company out of Framingham that computerizes hospitals.  He is a diehard New York Yankees fan, much to the chagrin of my husband.

Michael was born in '67.  After high school he worked for a spell then went to school to become an aircraft mechanic. He married 3 years ago, lives in E. Longmeadow, MA and does not have any children yet. Michael is the lead mechanic for a company out of Bradley Airport in CT that maintains a plane for the U. S. Army.

Mary was born in '72.  She graduated from a community college in Springfield, is still single (she once told me that she would never have children because that's pay back time!!) moved down here last year and works at a law firm.  She is now a definite lover of Florida.

Well, that's it folks.  We love the sun and fun of Florida (excluding the hurricanes!!)  and doubt we would ever move back North.  We still have a few "throw away" animals (1 dog and 3 cats) and they rule the roost !!  My husband is involved in our community services, goes fishing, golfing and still loves his Red Sox.  We both bicycle, may take up bowling, love to travel here and abroad and are still having fun.