Barbara Brandstatter Bass

Dear Fellow Classmates,

One would think I had been in the witness protection program during these past 45 years.

My name has seen some aka's (also known as);

I've lived up and down the East Coast several times;
And I've had a few careers.

Seems I have yet to figure out what I'm to do when I grow up and before I'm worn out.

First the bragging:  After raising two daughters ( one a social worker with an MSW and the other a Wall Street V.P. with an MBA), walking them down the aisles of matrimony as well as celebrating my own, almost 40 years of marriage, I retired to the leisure life and to watching my four grandsons grow into manhood...well, not exactly manhood...not yet!  They range in ages newborn to seven.

In the meantime, I patiently wait for the day when they ask "What was life like in the olden days?"

Second some regrets:  If I had any great dreams at the time we all marched to "Pomp and Circumstande", they were circumvented by fate and more than a little procrastination.  I didn't sail the seven seas or see the wonders of the world, and I didn't accomplish any great feats or find solutions to the planet's problems.  What I did accomplish was to be a caring and loyal friend, not unlike the person I hope some of you remember.

So, though you might not recognize the physical body, call out any one of my names and you'll see, the not much wiser for the years yet still playful and blossoming, me!  Hopefully, at our next reunion I'll have "figured it all out" and had the chance to accomplish more.

Remembering "the good old days", from planet Jupiter I send best wishes for a wonderful weekend.

Sincerely, One classmate out of the 132  who graduated SHS on June, 1961